The best erotic short movies to watch

The best erotic short movies to watch

In addition to the best erotic movies, the best erotic series, the best porn movies... we also wanted to make another ranking of the best erotic short films. If you like eroticism you can not miss any of the shorts that we expose below.

Before starting with the best erotic short films, I would like to mention L'Agent , the short that gives image to this article is by Penelope Cruz and stars Miguel Angel Silvestre . We have an aesthetic jewel dressed by Irina Shayk and the seal of the exclusive Agent Provocateur lingerie brand designed by the Cruz sisters. And now yes, let's go to the ranking of the best erotic short films.

Ranking of the best erotic short movies

  • 1. Protect me from my desires… 2014

    It is an experimental short film or video-art with a BSDM aesthetic and a medical fetish setting. It has a duration of almost 3 minutes directed written and performed by Jack Winchester.

  • 2. How I Met Your Father, 2008

    Short film of almost 9 minutes by Alex Montoya awarded at festivals around the world. The short talks about how each couple has two humorous stories: the one they tell their children... and the truth.

  • 3. Aprop, 2007

    Aprop is a little gem of an erotic short film, directed by Aitor Echeverria and starring Carolina Alejos and Silvia Marin. In particular, his wonderful photography stands out. One of the best erotic short films.

  • 4. Our Own Heaven, 2008

    8 minutes of pure vice, directed by Roberto Perez Toledo, where a young couple (Alejandro Albarracin and Sofia Valero) find themselves naked on the bed and she decides to tell him about her sexual fantasies...

  • 5. Something to learn, 2009

    In this slightly longer short (14 minutes), where Mª Eugenia Arteaga proposes a short in which a girl looks for a cartoonist for the pornographic stories she writes... and they end up in a phone game.

  • 6. A Song of Love, 1950

    In 1950 Jean Genet already offered us a phenomenal erotic short film. Two imprisoned homosexuals maintain a tender relationship, always watched by the jailer, for whom jealousy arises.

  • 7. Cyberslave, 2013

    Spanish short film directed by Anton Gonzalez and Vicente Gonzalez, and starring Venus O'Hara. It's about the life of a dominatrix with financial problems and her relationship with her cyberslave.

  • 8. Marina, 2011

    Another fantastic short by Alex Montoya starring Andrea Dueso. A girl who is crying in the sea sees a man arrive and asks "how much?". One of the best erotic short films.

  • 9. 3.2 What Girlfriends Do, 2011

    Short directed by Jota Linares and performed by Juan Caballero, Marta Hazas and Sergio Mur. A couple with sexual problems decide to have a threesome with a stranger, but nothing goes as planned...

  • 10. Uploaded, 2006

    A compulsive fascicle buyer takes home a new life-size collection in flesh and blood... it's called "Dream Women" and will experience the deepest pleasure.

Other of the best erotic short movies

  • The great Santoro 1×2 a very hot shower

    The great Santoro is a webseries that contains several erotic chapters. In addition to the 1×2 a very hot shower, we also have 1×3 the resurrected angel and some more. Better to see it from the beginning...

  • Bubble, 2009

    Another 15-minute Spanish short film directed by Pedro Casablanc and Gabriel Olivares featuring two friends who dream of leaving town. One day they meet a boy with a car and they take the opportunity to take them and bring them...

  • I confess… 2009

    It is a 4-minute short film directed and edited by Jose Luis Salazar Sanchez and with Diana Aguilera Navarro and the director himself in the cast, from the Autonomous University of Mexico.

  • Incognita sex o Naked and incognita, 2014

    Incognita sex, nude and incognita or simply Icognita is a 5-minute short film directed by Ludmila Tortura and starring Sofia Galindo, Manuel Espino and Alberto Ormeno.

  • lamia, witch love, 2004

    Short film of almost 10 minutes made by Alexis Herrera. A man decides to do a ritual of invocation and blood, to bring back his dead woman, but when he satisfies her wishes he loses control...

  • Berlin, 2009

    Short by Jose Enrique Sanchez Sarabia where a woman approaches a man thinking his name is Marcos and she has met him in Berlin, but nothing is further from the truth. Another of the best erotic short films.