The best erotic video games to play

The best erotic video games to play

In this article we have made a ranking of the best erotic video games. If you are interested in this type of game, I invite you to see our ranking, where we have posted a video analysis of Sexy Beach 3 , the erotic video game that is in the first position.

Ranking of the best erotic video games

  1. Sexy Beach 3 – This is a very complete erotic video game, where you can choose several girls, change their clothes and play with them... Although it's not amazing as a game, it fulfills its function of exciting and that's why it's in this privileged position .
  2. Seduce Me – This is a seduction video game that was censored for Steam Greenlight. The protagonist is Petra, a rich young man, involved in a world of pleasures...
  3. 7 Sins – This is a video game for PlayStation 2 and PC, in which the player must make decisions related to the 7 deadly sins, so sex is very present.
  4. Battle Rapper 2 – This game combines action with sex, hentai style. Very good mix that, with very good quality, will delight lovers of the genre.
  5. Lula 3D – Lula is a porn actress who is preparing her new movie. But 3 companions have been kidnapped. An adventure in 3D, to the sound of the protagonist's boobs swaying.
  6. Schoolmate – Under a school dating simulator hides one of the video games with the most explicit sexual scenes. An interactive anime porn.
  7. Catherine – Released for PlayStation 3 highlighting a genre that seemed to have fallen into oblivion. Good graphics with a good story: a young man with a girlfriend wakes up with a lover in bed...
  8. Leisure Suit Larry – Larry is a very good saga of erotic video games, where the protagonist has to flirt with young people. It doesn't have explicit scenes, or very good graphics since it was published years ago, but the game's plot is focused on sex.
  9. PlayBoy: The Mansion – You have an invitation to a party at the PlayBoy mansion . Do you dare to go? You will not regret…

Some suggestions of erotic video games

  • Singles and Singles 2 – A very erotic video game with explicit scenes in which you will have to maintain relationships with your roommates.
  • Gals Panic – Made popular in arcades in the 90's. It involves taking a spider and removing bits of screen. Below is a naked girl. There are several versions of the game, with girls drawn, models, sexier or with more explicit sex.
  • Party Night – If you have friends and/or friends with benefits (or you want them to be) and you want a game that helps you get closer, I advise you to accompany this Wii video game with a little alcohol… the result will be explosive ( top image). A fantastic experience. And what do we recommend?
  • Cobra Mission – Classic video game that stands out for its hentai style, where a detective investigates the disappearance of beautiful young women…
  • Mass Effect – This is one of the best role-playing video games. By offering so much freedom you can link to any character in the world, even your own sex, and it will show an explicit scene.
  • The Witcher 2 – The story reflects a lot of blood, violence and sex. There is more than in The Witcher 3.

These are the best erotic video games that we have selected. But there are many more. I invite you to comment below those that we have left out of the list. Although they can also be below.