Story of Sex : I had to say goodbye, with my panties still soaked by you

Story of Sex : I had to say goodbye, with my panties still soaked by you

A dream, a reality, an impossible love. 

The rain fell hard that afternoon, curled up in the living room armchair with my legs hiding my breasts and a cup of hot tea in my hands, staring into space, seeing how the palm trees in the garden were whipped by the wind and in a part of my head was you, there was the memory of the day before when you went to pick me up from work.

—Sorry Lara, there's a man asking for you. -The telephone in my office had rung and the sweet voice of Sonia, the receptionist of my company, announced your visit.

"Excuse me, who is it?"

—He tells me he's a friend, Jose says his name is and he brings you a bouquet of flowers.

-José? – When I heard your name my whole body began to tremble, a shiver went through me with joy, but also… with fear.

We had never met, I met him a long time ago by chance through an email he sent me by mistake and after a few days we both felt very comfortable, a relationship had been born, a friend at the beginning and after time something more than a friend. We always said to meet and get to know each other and there was always an opportunity frustrated once again by one thing or another and always the internal struggle inside me, I wanted yes, but and my boyfriend, I convinced myself that it would only be a meal, a dinner , but I knew I would end up sleeping with him, I knew he wanted me and I… I wanted him too.

As soon as he got out of the elevator, right in front of him, looking attentively at some paintings, he was tall, thin, with a bouquet of red roses in his hands and… handsome, very handsome, all the girls who were there seemed to be devouring him with their eyes They all looked at me with envy once I approached him and we kissed when we greeted each other, I felt a kind of chill when his lips brushed my cheek, I noticed not only how they looked at us but also their silent comments went through me, so I went back to the office, I took my jacket, the bag and I went with him out of that building so they could talk about us, I knew that the next day it would be the talk of the whole office and questions like these: who was that man? He's not her boyfriend, is he? But isn't he going to get married? What luck, a man like that brings her roses,but who is it? They would soon appear.

It was raining a lot and right away we took shelter in a nearby cafeteria, I was happy to meet him at the end, I was radiant when he finally gave me the roses and I smelled them staring into his eyes, I couldn't stop looking at him, it seemed incredible to me so incredible that I forgot where he was from, that it was let's put it this way dangerous territory where many people knew me enough to let our hands come together and let me caress him with his thumb gently, we talked about everything a little bit, we jumped from one side to another, we were both nervous and eager to kiss, but we didn't, in more than an hour talking I only felt his caresses on my hand and how he made love to me with his eyes, not only was he an attractive, handsome, intelligent man, with good conversation, he was a gentleman.

With the excuse of going to the bathroom, I looked at myself in the mirror, combed my hair and touched up my makeup a little, painting my lips, I was really nervous, I knew that sooner or later we would have to get out of there and then... then what. A part of my head only indicated a path and the other supported by the state of excitement of my body, another quite different. I looked at myself for the last time in the mirror, the sad expression on my face said it all, I had made the right decision even if it was against the feelings I was feeling at that moment and I left the bathroom, as soon as I left, at the same door Jose He grabbed me by the waist pulling her towards him and kissed me on the lips, I had to move away, I had to tell him no, but I didn't just let him kiss me,

Jose had done what I wanted so much, what I wanted so much, but that I did not dare to do and had overcome the fears I had, he had changed my face and let him kiss me and caress my breasts in that dark corridor without uncomfortable looks over my blouse, my back against the wall while her body was attached to mine and I felt how her right hand went down my side until it reached my skirt, I noticed the excitement in me, how my vaginal lips rubbed against my thong, how it started to get wet and how my breathing increased with my heart beating strongly. He had lifted my skirt and with the palm of his hand he squeezed my pussy, looking for a way to lower my stockings a little and get under my thong, Jose kissed me on the neck and my excitement was increasing, the gasps and first moans appeared without anyone being able to notice anything until I saw a shadow that was approaching the end of the corridor, instinctively with my hands I separated it, we looked at each other in second and I started to lower my skirt just as we crossed paths with two ladies who They went to the bathroom and they looked at us and whispered. I didn't know what they had seen or heard, but we paid and left there, he more eager to possess me than before and me with my thong really wet and thinking about the consequences of all that.

I looked in the rearview mirror and saw that he was following me by car, I don't even know how I said goodbye to him, maybe he didn't listen to me or maybe just the opposite and what he was doing was just following the veiled instructions, maybe the desire he had when I said goodbye to him in the parking lot.

—Goodbye Jose, I was delighted to meet you, but I have to go home now, it's five in the afternoon and it takes me about 45 minutes to get there and more since the traffic is, my boyfriend won't arrive today until twelve at night, like this that… well come on, see you then… if you want…

I parked right behind my car, the rain had given us a break and we got out of the car without saying anything to each other, we just looked at each other, always a few meters away from me, Jose saw how I put the keys in the door to the garden of the house, how looking at him he disappeared into inside the garden leaving the door open, then inside my house, I left my bag and coat at the entrance, the keys on the table without closing the door either, I heard the garden door close, when my feet felt the parquet floor when I took off my high heels in the hallway, a little further on I heard the door of the house also close when my jacket also fell to the floor, later my blouse, then my skirt, leaving a trail of clothes for Jose to follow me,so that in the end he would find me on the bed in my black stockings and taking off my bra as I walked into my room.

Neither of us said anything, neither of us dared to break that silence, that magic that enveloped us, just like me, Jose had been taking off his clothes and letting them fall in the same places where I had taken off mine. , I stared at him lying on the bed with my long hair covering one of my breasts, under his boxer shorts his penis had increased in size considerably, my thong was getting between my lips getting wet from the fluids that soaked my vagina, I let out a sigh, a gasp when I noticed how his knee touched my bed sinking the mattress, he hadn't even touched me, we hadn't even touched and at that moment when he was crawling towards me, I lay down on the bed, resting my head on the pillow and opening my legs to get between them.

His skin already covered mine, my breasts crushed by the weight of his body, my nipples had increased in size and dug into his skin, his lips kissing mine, our intertwined hands went up and down and between my thighs I could feel how his body pressed against mine feeling his penis getting harder, wanting to get out of the fabric that was pressing him, I felt how my pussy received little pushes. I noticed how my light body rose and flew, I felt some sensations that I had long forgotten, we kissed nonstop, without separating our lips, without stopping biting softly, we looked at each other and continued caressing each other, your hands on my breasts running through them and squeezing them, mine on your back going up and down it almost without touching you,

Spreading my legs, with a turn of my body I put you face down, sitting on top of you with my stockings and my thong half removed, my pussy was still covered by my underwear, but my buttocks were free and naked, you had tried to take them off me without success by having my legs open, I lay down on you and my lips began to travel over your body painting you with the little lipstick I had on them, with my hands I covered your muscles that I then kissed, your hard and flat stomach felt chills when I reached him and With my hands I began to take off your boxer shorts, but not before leaving my painted lips on it when I gently bit the hard trunk of your penis.

I had just undressed you completely and your penis rose majestically before my eyes, my hand ran from top to bottom, I looked at you and saw how your eyes were nailed to me, how you wanted my lips to kiss your penis and I didn't want to make you wait, first a short kiss on your glans, then a more intense one, putting half the glans between my lips when I kissed you, your face reflected everything that I was looking for in you at that time, that you would enjoy me, my caresses and my kisses .

I had raised my hands to your waist, caressing your belly, looking into your eyes, knowing that you saw me with your penis in my mouth, not only your glans on my lips, but my mouth went up and down your penis wrapping it with my saliva, I could feel how it throbbed, how your veins were filled, swelling your penis so much that it was already at its maximum splendor, I knew that you liked that my naked breasts rubbed your thighs, I felt you panting, I heard you moan watching how it disappeared inside me mouth, with slow movements going up and down it, biting your glans with my lips, taking it with my hands and making it pump inside me, I knew you liked it and it was something I had dreamed of for a long time, seeing you like this, seeing how you enjoyed me, I had imagined what your moans would be like, like your kisses and caresses.

Once again I went up your body licking every corner, noticing that my vagina was so wet that when I went up my stockings and my thong they went down until my lips brushed your skin, leaving a trail of my fluids on it, I felt his penis get into between my thighs and your hands on my buttocks grabbing my stockings and thong and pulling me down as far as you could, my lips had come close to yours and we started kissing, I couldn't sit on you, my clothes didn't allow it and I you turned around, you got on top of me and you began to run your tongue over my body, my breasts and my belly were kidnapped by the sweetness of your kisses, you lowered me and completely removed my underwear, leaving it at the foot of the damp bed at the same time that I felt how your tongue surrounded my clitoris and made me moan, I swallowed saliva,I moaned and gave thanks because you had gone to look for me.

It was an incredible few minutes in which you made me feel so much pleasure that I almost reached an orgasm right there with your mouth sucking on my lips, my clitoris, with your fingers inside me putting them deep inside me and then flexing them, brushing all my vaginal walls, my back arched and my hands caressed your hair pressing you against me, feeling your nose breathe into my vagina, I trembled with pleasure and I missed you when you began to crawl over my body until you gave me a taste of my fluids with a deep kiss, a kiss that made me forget everything until you made me scream, until my body arched so much that my back was separated from the bed, your penis had easily found the wet and hot slit at the entrance of my vagina and without intending it had gotten into so much inside me that you were filling me whole with your cock.

Still, without hardly moving you were making me come undone, I felt your cock inside me without moving, but so inside that I couldn't even think, I just moaned, I just hugged you and surrounded you with my hands and feet, scratching your back with my nails when I felt her move, when I began to feel her slide out of me and go back in, how you began to penetrate me gently, but when you had her deep inside me you push hard and make me scream, the pumping doesn't stop anymore , you were fucking me so deep that my moans and screams enveloped my entire room when I began to see how the sun was beginning to hide... I had absorbed everything, all its light was on my face that radiated happiness.

I couldn't take it anymore, I felt like an orgasm was going to make me explode and you moved away, you took your cock out of my pussy, you got on your knees opening my legs putting them on your shoulders, you took one of the cushions on my bed, you lifted my pelvis with your hands and you put the cushion under my kidneys, you looked at me and played with your cock in my pussy, taking it out and inserting it just a little, putting it between my lips that open and hit my clitoris, I looked at you, closed my eyes and I looked at you again, my mouth no longer closed and my moans were increasing and once again, a cry of pleasure went through doors and windows, my eyes opened at the same time that my cry awakened my lowest instincts, with a push your cock penetrated me to the bottom, brushing my vaginal walls and drawing from my cries of pleasure, a... fuck me, don't stop, I love you.

Your hands accompanied my body to the meeting with your cock that crossed me completely, your hips moved forward getting into me so hard and so deep that I was not even able to scream anymore, I felt how the strength left me, how my legs began to tremble , as my belly was continuously attacked by uncontrolled spasms, my vagina contracted as well as my hands against the sheets that I tore off the bed with my fingers, my vagina dripped with fluid enveloping your cock, in each penetration the head of the bed hit against the wall, the watery sound of your cock fucking me accompanied our moans, yours like growls with each thrust, mine each penetration. My body began to give me one of the most incredible orgasms I had ever felt, it moaned screaming at you not to stop and you didn't stop,

My legs slipped off your shoulders, your body melted into mine, my sweaty breasts meeting your skin, your cock slipping out of my pussy and our fluids pouring out of me wetting my thighs and soaking the cushion. I kissed you, I told you with your lips on mine, I love you, wanting to repeat what we just did, wanting you to fuck me again and then a noise, like a distant blow, I heard it every time with sharper...


The noise of some branches hitting my window hard, it was raining and there was a hellish wind, it was five in the morning and I had woken up with a start exclaiming that outburst and like a spring I got up with my heart beating nonstop, I was nervous, confused, tremendously…excited.

My eyes began to get used to the darkness of my room, I looked nervously to my right where I lay naked... my boyfriend, it had all been a dream... just a dream, my boyfriend slept peacefully unaffected by what had just happened to me, myself I couldn't believe it, but what is certain is that I had just had a full-fledged orgasm, my panties, even the sheets on my bed were wet, something like this had never happened to me, never had a dream been so real, never once awake, she remembered it as if she had lived it, remembering smells, sensations… caresses and kisses.

I covered my face with my hands snorting, I smiled nervously with my legs still trembling and my vagina full of fluids, I felt so happy despite being a few centimeters from my boyfriend, I lay back on the bed with my legs spread, I closed it hard and opened it again, I dreamed of you on top of me, I felt what you just did in my dreams and I smiled again and put my head in my hands again, but little by little the guilt began to overshadow that moment, so much so that I stopped smiling... so much... that I looked at my boyfriend with the guilt of having betrayed him... so much that I felt deeply ashamed and despite everything... I still loved you.

I got up to make myself a cup of tea, I looked at how it was raining behind the living room window, in one hand the cup of tea and in the other the mobile with your image, the one you sent me, the one I told you I had deleted. I kept thinking, turning my head, I was between two men not knowing what to do, looking for a reason to leave my boyfriend... looking for a reason to say goodbye.

The phone rang at six in the morning 360 kilometers away.

—Hello my love… thanks for making love to me tonight…

"Thank you for making me so happy...

-Thanks for being the way you are…


I hung up the phone, erased the photograph and kept looking at how it was raining.